News-Jan. 22, 2013

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Napalm Explodes behind Cobra Attack Helicopter

Napalm explodes behind a Cobra Attack Helicopter hovering in front of thousands of spectators at an air and ground show at McEntire Army and Air National Guard Base in 2009. (Photo by WSM)

Maggie, Celebrate Freedom Foundation's Cobra Helicopter

Maggie flies over the tree tops and performs a flyover as thousands below cheer at 2012 Celebrate Freedom Festival in Finlay Park, Columbia, S.C. (Photo by WSM)

U.S. Army Demonstration Team Cobra Helicopter

A U.S. Army Demonstration Team Cobra Helicopter roars past thousands of spectators attending an air and ground show at McEntire Army and Air National Guard Base in 2009.  (Photo by WSM)

Black Hawk Helicopter Hovers

As thousands of spectators attending the 2009 Air and Ground Show at McEntire Army and Air National Guard Base, a Black Hawk Helicopter hovers as the pilot demonstrates the aircraft's maneuverability.  (Photo by WSM)

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CFF’s Project SOaR™ Program Visits South Florence High School

Florence, S.C. (Jan. 22, 2013) Celebrate Freedom Foundation’s Project SOaR™ Program visits South Florence High School in Florence on Tuesday, Jan. 22.

The program encouraged approximately 800 students at the school to complete high school, emphasized the importance of STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), and promoted opportunities available to anyone interested in pursuing careers in the aviation industry.

“Many of these students hear jet planes and helicopters, but they have never seen one,” said Jack Lovelady, president of the Celebrate Freedom Foundation, quoted in an article published in The (Florence) Morning News on Jan. 23.

“This helicopter (a Cobra) is the magnet to begin the teachable moment to show them the career opportunities in the aviation industry.”

Jim Filiatreault, a retired U.S. Army combat pilot, spoke to the students as they gathered around the helicopter on the school grounds.

Sgt. Chris Thomas, who worked in helicopter maintenance in the U.S. Army for 18 years before serving as an Army recruiter, also spoke. 

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