CFF Motor Pool Open House, June 29, 2013  

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Napalm Explodes behind Cobra Attack Helicopter

Napalm explodes behind a Cobra Attack Helicopter hovering in front of thousands of spectators at an air and ground show at McEntire Army and Air National Guard Base in 2009. (Photo by WSM)

Maggie, Celebrate Freedom Foundation's Cobra Helicopter

Maggie flies over the tree tops and performs a flyover as thousands below cheer at 2012 Celebrate Freedom Festival in Finlay Park, Columbia, S.C. (Photo by WSM)

U.S. Army Demonstration Team Cobra Helicopter

A U.S. Army Demonstration Team Cobra Helicopter roars past thousands of spectators attending an air and ground show at McEntire Army and Air National Guard Base in 2009.  (Photo by WSM)

Black Hawk Helicopter Hovers

As thousands of spectators attending the 2009 Air and Ground Show at McEntire Army and Air National Guard Base, a Black Hawk Helicopter hovers as the pilot demonstrates the aircraft's maneuverability.  (Photo by WSM)

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CFF’s Killer Bees Host Open House at Motor Pool


West Columbia, S.C. (June 29, 2013) — Celebrate Freedom Foundation’s Killer Bees (B Company, 1st Cavalry Regiment), “The Best Dang Motor Pool in the Country,” hosted an Open House from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, June 29, 2013 at the CFF Motor Pool in West Columbia.

Approximately 125 persons attended the open house, held at the motor pool which once served as a hangar for the U.S. Army Air Force during W.W. II.  Members of the Killer Bees,  assisted by members of the CFF, their relatives and friends, helped cook hotdogs. 

There was plenty of food and beverages.

The motor pool, which houses CFF’s historic military vehicles, looked great!  In fact, the hangar  looked like it had been prepared for an IG inspection.  Vehicles and equipment were neatly arranged, and the place was spotless.  Guests had plenty of time to get a close look at the vehicles, to ask questions, and of course, enjoy cake.  

Great job Killer Bees!

Volunteers Wash Cobra Helicopter for Killer Bee Open House

The Foresters volunteer wash crew poses for a group shot after
washing Annie, CFF’s Cobra Helicopter.

Amy Snodgrass, member coordinator for Foresters


Jaylen Paul

Johney Paul

Cameron Paul


Before the open house, volunteers from Foresters washed CFF’s Cobra Helicopter, Annie. 

“We try to get our Foresters members involved in family fun activities that engage them in civic opportunities in the community,” said Amy Snodgrass, a member coordinator for Foresters. 

“Absolutely,” she responded, when asked if she would recommend that other organizations volunteer to wash the CFF’s Cobra helicopters if given the opportunity.  “We had an excellent time today.  It can’t get any better than washing a helicopter.  You don’t get to do this everyday.  So, it’s a great opportunity to help a good organization and have some fun.”

Snodgrass said she learned about the opportunity to wash the helicopter and attend the open house at the Killer Bees Motor Pool from Bob and Nancy Decker.  Bob Decker is a CFF board member. 


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