Photos of 2015
CFF SOaR™ Visits

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Napalm Explodes behind Cobra Attack Helicopter

Napalm explodes behind a Cobra Attack Helicopter hovering in front of thousands of spectators at an air and ground show at McEntire Army and Air National Guard Base in 2009. (Photo by WSM)

Maggie, Celebrate Freedom Foundation's Cobra Helicopter

Maggie flies over the tree tops and performs a flyover as thousands below cheer at 2012 Celebrate Freedom Festival in Finlay Park, Columbia, S.C. (Photo by WSM)

U.S. Army Demonstration Team Cobra Helicopter

A U.S. Army Demonstration Team Cobra Helicopter roars past thousands of spectators attending an air and ground show at McEntire Army and Air National Guard Base in 2009.  (Photo by WSM)

Black Hawk Helicopter Hovers

As thousands of spectators attending the 2009 Air and Ground Show at McEntire Army and Air National Guard Base, a Black Hawk Helicopter hovers as the pilot demonstrates the aircraft's maneuverability.  (Photo by WSM)

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Project SOaR™ (Student/School Opportunities and Rewards)

“An educational outreach program — focusing on science, technology, engineering and mathematics — that is dedicated to enhancing the performance, success and personal growth of youth.”


The following photos are among many that have been taken during Celebrate Freedom Foundation SOaR™ visits since January 2015. 

T.L. Hanna High School, Anderson, S.C., Feb. 17, 2015

Mallard Creek High School, Charlotte, N.C., March 4, 2015

Westside High School, Anderson, S.C., March 2, 2015

Lincolnton High School, Lincolnton, N.C., March 12, 2015

Ridgeland High School, Rossville, Ga., March 27, 2015

Stephens County High SChool, Toccoa, Ga., Apr. 1, 2015

Swansboro High School, Swansboro, N.C., Apr. 15, 2015

East Carteret High School, Beaufort, N.C., Apr. 23, 2015

N. Brunswick High School, Leland, N.C., Apr. 14, 2015
Cary High School, Cary, N.C., Apr. 22, 2015
CFF and USAREC Staff at Atlanta, GA GACTE Conference

"The CFF Pin-Up Dolls" serenading the crowds at Georgia GACTE
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